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She Does Grace is for you if you're a business woman that wants to put God first, Family second and Business third.

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We are on a mission to keep the main thing the main thing which means we are chasing Jesus and all that he has for us.

She Does Grace lady is on a journey of grace. Grace for others and grace for herself. She is chasing after Jesus with everything she has (or wants to) but feels SUPER unqualified.

In this place we welcome you as you are and will cheer you on during your journey of becoming all that God has called you to be.

We believe in God and that the Bible is his living word. We stand on the bible as our truth but don't proclaim to know it all. We are willing to share our journey openly with you but ALWAYS want you to go back to quiet time with the Lord and to his word to ensure you're hearing directly from God and what he has for you.

We're spirit lead and will go wherever God takes us. 

We're not ashamed of money or our gifts. Why should the enemy have all the resources here on earth? Our drive to operate a successful business is NOT wrong, it is what God has put on our heart and we plan to be good stewards with it and use it to glorify HIM!

Let's lock arms and chase Jesus together!  Join the free facebook group.

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