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Business Assessment - help me better understand the current state of your business.

On a scale of a 1-to-5; with 1 representing you could not be worse and 5 representing that you could not be better, please answer the following questions.

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Don’t you dare overthink your answers. You will have the opportunity to explore your answers in greater detail with a certified Business Coach.

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I'm 100% confident I have the right business plan to deliver this years goals.
I use goal vs actual scorecards to track my results.
I work from an organizational chart with written job descriptions.
My company and I execute a daily lead generation plan to bring in new customers.
I'm building my company following a lead generation plan and a recruiting process to bring new talent into the company.
I hold a high standard of weekly accountability for my company.
I have a process to close the business financials of my company every month.
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